3 Amazing Things To Do While On Vacation In Jamaica

When you picture a summer vacation in Jamaica, you probably imagine yourself relaxing on sandy white beaches, swimming and playing in crystal clear waters, and taking in the busy and exciting club scene at night. While those are all great ways to relax and have fun in Jamaica, after awhile you might find yourself wanting to get off the beaten path and do something a little different. Luckily, Jamaica has a lot to offer above and beyond their beaches and nightlife. Take a look at a few amazing things to see and do while you're visiting Jamaica.

Take a Nature Tour

One way to get off the beach is to travel inland to Cockpit County, where you can take a nature tour and experience all of the plant and animal diversity that Jamaica has to offer. Spend a day exploring the region's underground cave system where you can check out a variety of rock formations and take a swim in an underground pool.

You'll also get a chance to walk through the Jamaican countryside, where, among other things, you'll see plenty of the area's star crop, the yam. Don't forget to take some time to just relax and sit under a shade tree, enjoying the natural beauty around you.

Discover Local Legends

Do you enjoy learning about local lore and legends? If so, you'll definitely want to check out the Folly ruins in Port Antonio and Lover's Leap in St. Elizabeth. The myth behind the Folly Ruins is that a wealthy American built a mansion there to impress his wife, but she was decidedly unimpressed when she arrived to check it out and found it already beginning to crumble, thanks to shoddy construction work. The story goes that she left immediately, declaring the mansion a "folly." In reality, the businessman who built the mansion and his family actually lived there for a number of years in the early 1900s before the place began to decline.

The myth behind Lover's Leap is set in the days of slavery. The legend is that two slaves, Mizzy and Tunkey, were carrying on a secret romance when their master decided that he wanted the female slave, Mizzy, for himself. The slavemaster Chardley arranged to sell Tunkey, so the pair decided to flee. However, they were eventually sighted and chased, and rather than be separated, they jumped to their deaths from the 1700 foot cliff that came to be known as Lover's Leap.

Explore Historical Sites

Jamaica has a variety of interesting historical sites to explore, including historical houses and plantations and colorful villages. But hands down, one of the most fun site to check out is the pirate's hideaway in Port Royal – also known as "the wickedest city on Earth."

Port Royal is one of the most famous pirate strongholds in the world. Jamaica offered safe haven to the thieving buccaneers in the 1600s when they needed the pirates to protect them from Spanish invaders. The harbor was the base of operations for Welsh pirate Sir Henry Morgan. 

When you're planning your Jamaican itinerary, make sure that you schedule time to take in these can't-miss Jamaican activities, in between relaxing on the beach and partying in the nightclubs. The staff at your hotel can assist you in finding transportation and planning your day trips. Click here for more information about a Jamaica villa.

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