Three Scenarios In Which A B&B Is The Perfect Wedding Venue

A bed and breakfast might be an option for you to consider when you're booking a vacation, but it might not immediately come to mind when you're evaluating potential wedding venues for your upcoming nuptials. This venue, however, is worth considering. If you have several bed and breakfasts in your community, set up some appointments to view a handful of them to assess if they might be right for you. While it's true that a B&B won't be suitable for every couple's wedding plans, there are many scenarios in which this venue can be perfect. Here are three such examples.

A Small Guest List

Obviously, if you're planning to have 250 people at your wedding, a bed and breakfast probably won't be your best choice. However, if you're aiming for a small guest list to give you an intimate vibe, this type of venue can be perfectly suitable. You can often find B&Bs that can accommodate perhaps a dozen or more people, and if your guest list is small enough, a bed and breakfast will allow everyone to stay under the same roof. This can be perfect if you perhaps have a two-person wedding party and/or you're only inviting close family members to the wedding.

Many Out-Of-Town Guests

If the majority of your guests will be traveling to your wedding from out of town, they'll need places to stay. While some people in this scenario partner with a hotel that can offer discounted rooms for your attendees, another option is to book everyone into the bed and breakfast. Your out-of-town guests will appreciate your hospitality, especially if you decide to pay for the accommodation as a way of showing your thanks for their attendance. Even those who live locally and don't specifically need accommodation may appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a night away from home.

You Want A Series of Special Touches

A bed and breakfast can be the perfect wedding venue for couples who want a number of special touches to augment their big day. For example, if you want the ceremony outdoors in the garden, the meal in the dining area, and other such requests, a B&B can perform them for you. The intimate size of many bed and breakfasts means that it's possible for the management and staff to sit down with you and hear your vision for your day, and then execute it for you and for your guests.

For more ideas, reach out to a place that offers wedding venues. 

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